Ubiqus Belgium, a translation agency like any other? Nothing could be further from the truth!

Where can you find a translation agency with a team of 21 in-house employees, 11 of whom are translators/revisers? Every translation is thoroughly revised by an in-house translator before it is sent to the customer.

Where can you find a translation agency that translates Icelandic into Chinese? Ubiqus Belgium translates every combination and will find the specialists for your specific sector.

Where can you find an extremely reliable partner? A word is a word, whether in Hindi or Swahili. We deliver any language combination by the agreed deadline. Our efficient workflow system, with in-house native translators, allows us to give priority to your most urgent job, so that you can get your press release out on time.

The sectors for which we work include legal firms, banks, the industrial sector, communication agencies, energy companies, and many more. Ubiqus is at home in every market!

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