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Our agency is managed by translators under the supervision of a seasoned Chief Financial Officer.

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A graduate of Institut Libre Marie Haps in Brussels, Ania Barbé started her career as an in-house translator at an interprofessional organisation before joining the broader translation sector in 2003. Working in three different agencies has enabled her to experience all aspects of the profession (translation, revision, subtitling, copywriting, project management, marketing, business development, etc.) and to build a cross-sector, global view of the operations of a linguistic services agency. It is with pride and enthusiasm that she now heads the team at Ubiqus Belgium, the Belgian member of the Ubiqus Group.

A key figure at Ubiqus, Daniël De Caluwé has held a number of management positions throughout his career, among others as the head of a credits department, a member of the credits committee at a financial institution, and as director of an insurance brokerage holding company. Having joined the Ubiqus Belgium team in 2000, he is responsible for the good financial health of our company and for the safeguarding of its values.

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