Ubiqus obtains ISO 18587 certification for post-editing

Ubiqus Belgium has just obtained ISO 18587 certification, highlighting our in-house team’s know-how in terms of post-editing texts generated by an automatic translation engine. Following an ad hoc audit, LICS approved and validated our full-human post-editing processes, thereby rewarding all our efforts in terms of process development. And to top it all off, the auditor paid us a number of compliments about our approach to our work!

The high skill level of our in-house team, combined with the quality of our own translation engines – which by the way perform better than other solutions on the market – enabled us to obtain a new ISO certification. This means that Ubiqus is more than ever ahead of its time, and ahead of the competition! To put it plainly, Ubiqus has succeeded in meeting the challenge posed by an increasingly demanding market and made the use of automatic translation just about unavoidable.


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