Data Translations becomes Ubiqus Belgium

Data Translations has a new name: Ubiqus Belgium


Why the change?
Back in 2012, Data Translations joined the international Ubiqus group, becoming its Belgian arm. And now, after having been a member of the group for four years, it seemed only logical to finalise this integration by adopting the group’s name.

What’s the impact of this change?

It’s no more than an administrative change, and our team and values remain the same, as does our sense of service. We will continue to work on our own self-improvement, with high standards and great rigour. In other words, there’s no need for concern – we’re actually going from strength to strength!

What are the advantages for the customer?

We have implemented the logistic means offered by Ubiqus and work in close consultation with the other affiliates of the group in order to fine-tune and perfect our resources, ranging from the expansion of our pool of translators to the use of technical tools for project management. On top of this, thanks to our presence on several continents, we can also juggle hours of availability to successfully manage your urgent projects that require processing outside conventional office hours.

About Data Translations/Ubiqus Belgium

Founded in 1989 as a language service provider, our company has grown ever since and today employs some twenty people. Our USP is our team, which features in-house translators and revisers. They are organised into three language groups (French, Dutch and English), and you can contact them directly if you have a question about a text. We are driven by the values of diligence and conscientiousness, and this is your guarantee for the quality of our service. Our company enjoys the trust of over 1,000 customers, including the European Commission, the Belgian Federal Government and hundreds of companies active in just about every conceivable sector. Thanks to the professionalism of our agency we were awarded the EN 15038 quality label for translation agencies in 2010 (today’s ISO 17100 certification, which we are also proud to hold), and this has been renewed first time upon every external re-audit.

About Ubiqus

Ubiqus is the preferred contact of meeting and event organisers, to which it has been providing document services since 1991. Founded as a minutes-taking company, Ubiqus has grown constantly over the 25 years since, developing a wide range of multilingual and document services. It has quietly become an international group generating turnover of EUR 70 million and now has subsidiaries in 8 countries (offices in France, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Canada). The current and future success of the group is based on the trust of its 7,000 customers and the dynamism of its 500 employees.

Typically playing a behind-the-scenes role, the group prizes discretion above all. “We like to let the spotlights shine on our customer’s events and prefer to be recognised for the quality of our work and for the service we provide. In fact, many of our new customers find their way to us through word-of-mouth recommendations,” says Vincent Nguyen, President of the group.

Ubiqus and Data Translations realised immediately that they were made for one another!


Read our official press release here.



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