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As a professional translation agency, Ubiqus offers you high-quality translations from and into any language, including Chinese.

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Over a billion people speak some form of Chinese natively, making Chinese an indispensable language for any entrepreneur who does business in the Far East. China itself offers a host of new markets, and exports from Europe to China are on the up and up. So it’s more important than ever that your communications with China are as fluent as possible, and for this you need the services of a professional and reliable translation partner. Ubiqus is that partner. We offer very competitively priced, high-quality translations from and into Chinese.

Ubiqus entrusts translations into Chinese to its partner agencies in China and elsewhere. Chinese translations are always made by native speakers and revised by another language professional. Translations into Chinese are always written in Unicode and therefore display correctly on any recent computer. We will also send you a PDF of the translation as a check as well if you want!


  • Two writing systems

Chinese can be written using Simplified Chinese characters (the Chinese writing system used in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, for example), or Traditional Chinese characters (the Chinese writing system used among other places in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau). It goes without saying that we can provide Chinese translations written using either Simplified Chinese characters or Traditional Chinese characters (or even both, if you need translations for e.g. mainland China and Taiwan).

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