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Whether the legal document you need to get translated is a judgement, a summons, articles of association, an agreement, a contract, a writ or a court submission, with Ubiqus you have come to the right place!

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Are you in search of a partner for the translation of legal texts or official documents? Our specialised translators (including legally qualified translators) are at your service.

Please note that we are also happy to handle your needs with regard to sworn translations and legalised translations, as well as apostilles. The translator and/or court then place(s) an official stamp on a printout of the translation, giving the translated document its official character. We can arrange for delivery of the sworn or legalised translation by express courier if the document is urgently needed, thereby allowing you to meet your tight deadline.

What’s more, we work with computer assisted translation software, which allows us to create a knowledge base (glossaries and translation memories) that is specific to you and you alone.

The result? Uniformity of legal terminology across all your documents and a reduced rate for repetitions.


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