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Ubiqus has an impressive network of qualified interpreters in Belgium and throughout Europe. Carefully selected, these colleagues distinguish themselves not only by their professional attitude, but also by their excellent interpersonal skills.

Whatever your needs or deadlines, we will bend over backwards to sort out the tiniest details of the interpreting job you give us, and we will find you the most competent professional interpreters according to an approach that is not only the most reliable but also the one that best fits your budget.

The subject of your meeting will also guide our choice, with the use of specialised interpreters, in other words interpreters who are familiar with the subject under discussion (legal interpreters, medical interpreters, parliamentary interpreters, conference interpreters, interpreters in the community, etc.). The expertise they have is your guarantee for smooth and efficient interpreting services.

And if you need technical assistance (rental of interpreting equipment, technicians on site), you can also count on us to put at your disposal all the audio-visual equipment required for your meeting.


  • Various types of interpreting services
  • Simultaneous interpreting

    The interpreter translates everything in real time. Listeners hear the translation through headphones as the interpreter speaks.

  • Consecutive interpreting

    The speaker’s words are translated after he or she has said them, during the pauses in the discussion.

  • Liaison interpreting

    The interpreter sits/stands between the participants and translates, sentence by sentence, what they say. This method is ideal for commercial negotiations.

  • Whispered interpreting

    The interpreter listens to the speaker’s words and translates them in a whisper to the people taking part in the meeting.

  • Interpreting as you walk

    The perfect solution for visits to a production site, for example.


  • Audio-visual technology - A few examples of interpreting equipment
  • Interpreting booths

  • Headphones and receivers, microphone(s): lapel mikes, table mikes, interpreting console, etc.

  • Portable equipment: Infoport system, cordless mike, etc.

  • Laptops and projection equipment: video projectors, etc.

  • Digital recording of the event.


  • Easy as pie

We are always available to offer you advice regarding the most appropriate technical solution for your event.

Our experienced technicians install and test the AV equipment in advance. They give you all the technical assistance you need and ensure that no incidents disrupt the meeting.


  • There's more...
  • No urgency supplement

  • You can ask for the same interpreting team all the time, even abroad

  • You can organise a remote interpreting event, an option which is better both for your budget and for the environment

  • We also offer a range of other options that combine our linguistic expertise with new technologies.


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Make sure you have available all the necessary information so that we can provide you with a customised solution:

  • Date, location and time schedule for the meeting

  • Language spoken by the speakers, languages spoken by the audience

  • Subject of the meeting

  • Number of participants

  • Layout of the meeting room (as a U, amphitheatre, etc.).


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