Meeting reports that fit your needs

At Ubiqus we offer you no fewer than seven different types of meeting reports, ranging from a word-for-word transcription to a super-concise summary. Your account manager will be available to identify your specific needs and steer you toward the level of detail that suits you best.

Below is an overview of the various types of meeting reports we can prepare for you. Each level of detail meets different needs, and it goes without saying that we can also set up custom solutions. After all, providing tailor-made services is what we do every day!


Transcription 18 to 22 pages per hour of meeting Report that is textually accurate to the original spoken form and the conversation. It contains all the exchanges in full and only syntax errors are deleted. Otherwise, all verbal indications, such as hesitations, are included. Corrections are minimal, in other words.
Exhaustive report 12 to 15 pages per hour of meeting Report reflecting all original exchanges, including any redundancies. All verbal indications are deleted, as is anything that doesn’t belong in a written text. We add little bridge words where necessary to create a text that is as structured as possible, but which still remains true to the original conversation.
Revised report 8 to 10 pages per hour of meeting Report including all exchanges, but in a more concise form. The conversation is cleaned of any redundancies and anything else that wasn’t a relevant part of the message. The result is what the speaker would have written if he or she had wanted to communicate his or her thoughts and opinions in writing.
Standard summary 6 pages per hour of meeting Summary of the important information. Some things don’t appear, like example situations from contexts that are not part of the subject at hand. The report is pruned of all extraneous embellishments, anecdotes and digressions.
Executive summary 4 pages per hour of meeting Summary of the essential information. Contains a maximum amount of info in a minimum number of words. As such, it only covers the core message.
Summary note 1 to 2 pages per hour of meeting Summary listing the main points and arguments.
(only supplied together with a more detailed report)
/ Ultra-succinct summary, the length of which will depend on the duration of the meeting and your specific wishes.


The report is drawn up using notes that are taken by our note-taker during the meeting, as well as the recording done on-site using a professional sound recorder.

It’s worth noting that in certain cases we can work directly from an audio recording instead of attending the actual meeting. Here, it all depends on the quality of the recording and the context.

Once the work has been done, we first send you the transcription, minutes or summary for approval. Any suggested changes you may have are then integrated into the document by our team, with the aim of ensuring that the result perfectly meets your needs. At a later stage we can translate the report into one or more languages, thus making it accessible to a wider audience.

Our rates depend on a number of different factors, such as the duration of the meeting, the number of meetings to be handled, the level of detail or the required deadline. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a price quotation; it’s without obligation!


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