Bilingual revision, monolingual review, reworking of translations and rewriting of documents

Do you have a text that needs editing? A translation that needs to be revised? A document that needs checking by a native speaker?

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Our translators are native speakers and seasoned linguistics. They pay attention to the tiniest details of spelling, grammar and style and are more than happy to check your document and give the quality of your text a boost. They can also rework an existing translation that doesn’t take your fancy or might have had its source text updated in the meantime.

If necessary, you can also entrust us with the complete reformulation of your text, which we will then give a bumper-to-bumper rewrite that fully respects your ideas and your message. Once it has been rid of convoluted constructions, tortured turns of phrase and weighty wording your message becomes much clearer and easier to understand for your target audience.

All these actions have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your communication, and therefore also on the image conveyed by your company.

If you wish, we can also work on the layout of your document, even though our primary reason for being is of course linguistic.

Among the linguistic verification services offered by Ubiqus we have, in particular:

i.e. the verification of a translation (the “target text”) with regard to the original text (the “source text”). This verification is carried out by a linguist other than the translator. It is used to ensure the accuracy of the final text as well as make certain that it matches the source text. Corrections are made as necessary.
i.e. the thorough verification of a document by a linguist, but without comparing it to the original text (if any) in another language. Therefore, unlike revision, reviewing focuses solely on the target text, regardless of whether it is a translation or an original text.

In both cases, the text we receive is carefully checked, with particular attention being paid to the following points:

– spelling (compliance with spelling rules, correction of any typos and misprints);
– grammar (conjugation, concordance of tenses);
– punctuation (typographical rules);
– phraseology (syntax, fluidity of speech, idiomatic phrases);
– register (tone, lexical and syntactic choices);
– coherence (uniformity of the text as a whole, formulation of sentences and vocabulary, transitions);
– style (faithfulness to author’s style);
– layout (as in the original document).

Please always be sure to tell us the type of linguistic verification you want. If you have specific instructions, or if you want to highlight certain aspects of the work to be done, please contact us by telephone (+32 2 725 23 70) so that we can inform our team. In most cases you can even speak directly with the reviser/reviewer handling your documents in order to benefit from an even more personalised approach.

Our three internal departments, backed up by our external colleagues, are therefore ready and waiting to put a gloss on your written communication. Your corrected or reviewed text will then be sent back to you ready for use, either with the changes indicated (in Track Changes) or as a final version, depending on your choice.


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