Revision, editing and rewriting services for written texts

Do you have a text that needs editing? A translation that could use some tender loving care? A document that wants checking by a native speaker?

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All texts entrusted to us for revision are given an in-depth and meticulous review.

Our team of translators consists of experienced linguists who pay attention to the tiniest details of spelling, grammar and style. They are more than happy to check your document according to the standards and rules of the art and to give the quality of your text a boost as a result. They can also modify an existing translation that doesn’t take your fancy or might have had its source text updated in the meantime.

If necessary, you can also entrust us with the complete reformulation of your text. It then gets a bumper-to-bumper rewrite that fully respects your ideas and your message while getting rid of convoluted constructions, tortured turns of phrase and weighty wording. The result is a fluid feel and greater ease of understanding.

All these actions have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your communication, which then has an immediate knock-on benefit for the image conveyed by your company.

If you wish, we can also work on the layout of your document, even though our primary reason for being is of course linguistic.

Our three internal departments, backed up by our external colleagues, are ready and waiting to put a gloss on your written communication. Your corrected or edited text is then sent back to you ready for use, together with a Track Changes version if you wish so that you can see exactly what we changed where.


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