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Got a video to subtitle? A voice-over to record? Audio material to transcribe?

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In this field as well, you can count on Ubiqus Belgium. We provide you with a result that is truly professional and which dovetails perfectly with the requirements of your target audience and the type of media you are intending to use. Here at Ubiqus, there’s no messing about in Excel, no subtitles falling off the screen because they’re over length, and no missing or incomplete time-codes (IN/OUT). Here’s where you can see our added value compared with a generalist translation agency since we are also a subtitling company.


  • Got a video?

Whether it’s a report, a promo clip, a corporate video, an EU info film or a full-length movie, Ubiqus Belgium subtitles your message in all of the languages of the EU using specialised software: Swift. In this way, time-codes and translations are done in a single pass. Whether or not you have a script, we start directly from the video and generate subtitles that conform to international legibility standards.

These subtitles are available in a range of types:

  • Monolingual subtitles (1 language)

  • Bilingual subtitles (2 languages, language 1 on line 1, language 2 on line 2)

  • Monolingual subtitles in 2 (or more) languages (e.g. when people speak in language 1, they are subtitled in language 2 and vice versa)


  • Ingoing and outgoing formats

The best course of action is to send us your video in mpeg1 format (25 frames/sec.), but if it is more convenient for you we can do all the necessary prior conversion work too.

As for outgoing formats (the format in which your subtitles will be delivered), they are many and varied: .pac, .stl, .srt, .o32, .x32, .docx, .txt, .xml (tiff), .vtt, .cg2 zip, etc.

Want us to put the subtitles on your video for you? No problem: we can also do the montage of the subtitles right on to your clip or movie. And if you’d like to have a last quick look before the subtitles are committed to film, we can send them to you in Word or as a plain text file for a final routine check.


  • Got an audio file?

If you want to get an audio file transcribed or translated, we are also your one-stop-shop for the output you have in mind: absolutely everything included in the transcription or translation, or just the key points? Should time-codes be included? The names of participants?


  • There's more... Voice-over / voice-off

We can also do a translation for voice-over and voice-off purposes (audio commentaries), in other words a text that can be read out by a voice actor. If it’s easier for you, you can also ask us to take care of the audio recording (in high quality) of the voices. In this case, we will provide you in advance with a number of samples of professional voices so that all you have to do is pick your favourite.


  • Need a price quote?

Send us your audio-visual material and we will send you our best quote, after we have gone through the various aspects to be taken into account together. And if the film isn’t ready yet, just send us as much information as you can, such as its length, the video type, the theme, the language(s) it is spoken in and the language(s) you want it translated into, the incoming format and the outgoing format, etc. And of course, if you have a specific delivery timeframe, please feel free to inform us of it in advance.

Just give us a call on +32 2 725 23 70 or click this link to send us an e-mail with your question. If you’d like us to contact you, give us your number and a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll be happy to call you back!

We hope to hear from you soon!