All about sworn and legalised translations

Ubiqus provides sworn and legalised translations exclusively to business clients. We offer effective and comprehensive services based on a price quote drawn up beforehand.

Suppose a legal entity or a public authority requests a sworn translation of an official document This can be a Belgian document for use abroad or an official document issued abroad for use in Belgium, e.g. company articles of association, a birth certificate, a notarial deed, an abstract from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, a driving licence, an extract from the central criminal records, a diploma or a marriage/divorce certificate, etc.

Our sworn translators (certified translators) will be happy to translate any of these documents for you into the desired language, as well as sign and stamp them. Need a legalised translation? If your document requires legalisation, we’ll send it to the proper court to affix the additional stamps. And of course, you can always count on us to handle your personal or company data with utmost confidentiality.

A sworn translator is a person who can officially translate legal documents. He or she has taken an oath before a Belgian Court of First Instance, thereby officialising the translations he or she signs and/or stamps with his or her own personal stamp. As such, the person is a state-authorised translator.
There are three types of translations:

Standard translation;
Sworn translation: a standard translation signed by a sworn translator;
Legalised translator: a sworn translation stamped by the court.

• A standard translation/simple translation is the rendering into a foreign language of a given text, and it is typically provided in electronic form.

• A sworn translation (or certified translation) is produced by a translator who has been sworn in by one or several Belgian courts. When the sworn translator signs and/or personally stamps his or her translation it indicates that the document is true to the original, thereby making it official. Such translations are typically provided on paper.

• A legalised translation (official translation) is a sworn translation that is stamped and signed by the clerk of the court so as to authenticate the translator’s signature. Doing this gives legal force to the sworn translation. In some cases the authorities will also require a certificate issued by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We recommend that you check in advance which type of certification is required for your document.

You can either bring or e-mail us your documents to be translated (please see below).

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Our team is on hand every weekday (except public holidays) from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (easy on-street parking, but please remember to display your parking disc).

Our email address (if you are unable to drop by):
(Please remember to specify the target language, your contact details and whether you need a sworn or a sworn and legalised translation).

A price quote will be emailed to you on receipt of the document(s), unless you instruct us otherwise. To confirm, simply send us a written order to proceed. Once your translation is ready we’ll either call you to arrange a pick-up or send it to you by post (registered mail) or courier.

Email us your scanned document(s) (including any apostilles) and you’ll receive a price quote by return email. We’ll get your translation underway on receipt of your written agreement. We will then proceed with the delivery of your translation, either by registered mail or express courier, but please remember to specify your preferred method when you make your initial request.
Turnaround time will depend on the document’s length and the availability of our staff at the moment we are instructed to start the translation. The delivery time will also depend on the postal services. For emergencies or in case of a postal strike, we can arrange for our courier service to speed up the process. We always opt for the quickest and most effective delivery method.

Our price quote indicates both the price and the expected delivery time in case of immediate confirmation.

No. A high-quality scanned document (in PDF format) or good photocopy is usually sufficient.
Our rates vary according to the language pair, text volume and turnaround time. We always provide a free, no-obligation quote beforehand.