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When you publish a translated document you’re putting your image on the line, so be sure to choose the right partner. Ubiqus Belgium is a Belgian translation agency that offers a service that is of consistently high quality.

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Would you like to outsource your translations to a reliable partner? Take advantage of our expertise of over 25 years and the reputation of our translation agency for providing translations that have been crafted with care and are immediately fit to publish.

Whether you’re a company, public body or a private individual, when you publish a translated document you’re putting your image on show. So be sure to make the right choice and go for the quality that best fits your budget.

Our translators are at home in all fields, and all sectors are within their reach. If you need further convincing, take a look at the testimonials from our satisfied customers, each one a rock-solid reference in its field.


  • We are equally happy to take on texts of a general nature and texts that are more specific:
  • Legal translations

    Contracts, general terms and conditions, agreements, articles of association, court rulings, official documents, apostilles (simple translation, sworn translation, legalised translation), etc.

  • Financial translations

    Annual reports, balance sheets, etc.

  • Technical translations

    User manuals, software, patents, etc.

  • Commercial and marketing translations

    Brochures, websites, slogans, restaurant menus, press releases, etc.

  • Scientific and medical translations

    Patient information leaflets, informed consent forms (ICF), materials for medical representatives, etc.


  • At Ubiqus you will find real conversation partners, who are close, available and always have customer service top of mind:
  • the project managers, who plan the work

  • the translator/reviser of your text, who also delivers it, whom you can contact directly if you have a language-related question

  • … and last but by no means least your customer contact, who will bend over backwards to ensure your satisfaction.

In search of new markets?

Also consider us for your translations into Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, etc.), Slavic languages (Russian, Polish, Hungarian, etc.), Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, etc.), and Arabic.


  • Our advantages in brief:
  • a one-stop partner, multiple and broad skills (including subtitling, interpreting, drafting of meeting minutes, linguistic verification)

  • all fields, all languages, all sectors

  • an extensive pool of very reliable translators who only translate into their native language

  • continuous quality control that always includes systematic revision by our in-house translators

  • the use of the latest CAT software tools and glossaries

  • flexible deadlines

  • translators/revisers who can be contacted directly and sent to your office if necessary

  • a team available all year long between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at least, as well as a secure extranet accessible 24/7

  • solid references in all sectors

  • an international ISO17100 certification specific to translation agencies, membership of BQTA and EUATC.


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If you would like to discuss your translation needs with us further or ask about our rates, just give us a call on +32 2 725 23 70 or click this link to send us an e-mail with your question. If you’d like us to contact you, give us your number and a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll be happy to call you back!

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